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Garden Breakfast

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Isn't this beautiful?  This breakfast bowl is my first cuttings from my garden.  This is ham & eggs with fresh lettuce and green onions.  Simple and delicious.  I am beyond ecstatic about my garden.  It has rained the last few days and sun is just now popping out.  Going to be 81 today.  I can see more onions from my kitchen window.  I am still laid up with my knee/leg so not needing or going to make it out to the garden today.  BUT tomorrow...I will make it there!  

Not much new to share today.  Tim has been very busy with the bees.  Building and painting hives and weekly checks.  He cut the grass last Friday before the rain, and you should see the flowers coming on!  Happy Bees!  I will try to get photos if my knee says I can tomorrow.

Enjoy this beeautiful day all!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane


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