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Fuzzy/Not Fuzzy Bert

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Saturday was a beautiful day.  It is 27 here and sunny this morning!  Do you see this fuzzy dog?  Look at his feet!  He needed this fur the last few weeks, but it is nice enough now to trim him back a bit!  Tim took advantage of the weather and trimmed Bert on Saturday.  Tim didn't really cut him back, but trimmed him up nicely!  He is a happy dog!  I bet he lost 10lbs!  This is the before picture...I will post the after picture further in this post.  He is in almost the exact same position!  You will be able to see the difference!

Went to church yesterday and it snowed pretty much all day.  It was nice though and most of the snow melted.  Not even the windshields are covered this morning.  Just a light dusting to pretty things up.  It is going to be near 40' later this week.  Tim will be checking on bees...I will keep you updated!  

Busy week here.  I broke my glasses yesterday...which was probably a good thing since I have been putting off an eye appointment and I need new glasses.  I was able to get an appointment on Wednesday afternoon.  A haircut Wednesday morning and new glasses Wednesday afternoon.  WOO HOO!  I won't actually get my glasses on Wednesday, but at least I was able to get in this week.  My old glasses aren't helping me much and I worry about setting off a migraine.  So thankful I was able to get in!

Here is the "after" photo of Bert!  Such a snuggle boy now, but really loving the freedom from all that hair!  Have a great Monday all!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!  Stay Happy!


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