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Frigid Weekend

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

High Temperature this weekend was -10.  Actual temp this morning was -29 again.  It is going to be this way all week.  Buckle in Snow Buddies!  It is going to be a cold ride.

Kids made it up Friday for my birthday.  I made taco salad bowls.  This is on a dinner plate!  So good!  I used chicken instead of beef, and made mexi rice.  A taco bowl, chopped romaine lettuce, seasoned chicken, mexi rice, sour cream and 4 cheese mexican cheese!  Oh Yes Please!  They were wonderful!  Leftovers made a great scrambler the next morning too!

Tim and Nick worked on fixing Tim's shower.  Nick had a plan, followed through and it went great!  Shower is practically new and Tim is loving it!  Nick even did all the clean up and patched walls for me.  He did an excellent job!  I will have to "hire" him more often!

Tim made dinner Saturday night.  His version of shrimp scampi over spaghetti squash and roasted potatoes.  Not many leftovers there!  It was another wonderful dinner experience.  

Lots of vehicle problems yesterday.  Melissa's car wouldn't start (battery) but it wouldn't jump either or stay charged.  They were going to use Tim's truck to pull it up to the garage, BUT...the truck wouldn't start either (diesel).  Tim plugged it in but it took several hours for it to warm up enough to start.  My little car (the oldest vehicle here) started!  They were able to use my car and run for parts.  I will make sure the little beast gets started today and warms up for awhile.  I have complained about the little old beast, but she sure showed up yesterday!

That is my recap today folks.  STAY WARM!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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