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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is why I am here folks!  The muffins yesterday were a huge FAIL!  They look like a big starfish don't they?  Actually, they didn't stick and were easy to come out of the pan, so I broke it up and it actually tastes great...but these are not muffins.  Tim suggested using them on a "crisp".  Good idea!  Probably going to pull some garden rhubarb out of the freezer today.  It is almost like a granola.  Maybe next time I will just spread it out on a roll pan and break it up.  I won't be posting this recipe today since it was such a huge fail.  Back to the drawing board on this one.  I will keep working on it and post when I have it perfected.  I will probably not try the oatmeal again.  Back to my GF flour.  It was worth a shot!  It is tasty, just not what I had in mind.

How is everyone doing in lockdown?  Tim and I are home and working in the office to perfect our new website and taking a few marketing classes.  Tim is also going to start working on the hives and new feeding tubs for the bees this spring.  Only 10' this morning but it's suppose to be in the 40's next week!  WOO HOO!  Still a lot of snow here, but with temps like that for a few days it won't take long and it will start to disappear quickly.  I'm finally getting excited about Spring.  Time to map my garden.  

Prayers up for all of us during this time.  Stay safe and protected!  More to come soon!


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