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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This post has nothing to do with honey, remedies, cooking, etc!  This is a flashback!

This picture is from 8 years ago.  I actually think it might be a few years older than that, but maybe not.  This is my "grunge Son" when they had their own band.  I have to say, I miss those days.  Young men trying out a dream while still growing up.  It was was disappointing, it was just a very major life event.  Maybe not for Nick, but for a Mom seeing her boy actually struggling with manhood, it was a proud time.  Made me cry when I saw this picture today.  They wrote their own songs and music...and although they never got a real break, this was shot in a club in Burnsville where they played several times.  I still have their CD and it brings me joy that Nick and his friends gave it a shot!  The band was named "Maffick" which means, " to celebrate with extravagance in public."  It is of British origin, and I LOVED the name.  Nick still loves playing his collection of guitars.  His cello that he played all through school and gotten lost in the moves...THAT makes me sad.  But he still talks about wanting another cello so maybe he will make it happen this time.  He has also mentioned wanting to learn to play the banjo!  Now that I can really get behind.  It was my Mom's favorite instrument.  We are definitely a stringed instrument family.  I still have my violin.  I have been thinking of getting it out again, but I remember myself as a "violinist" and now I would be lucky to squeak by!  But it is gnawing at me lately, so you never know.  

It is raining and dark here today.  A bit chilly at 43, but I have much to do inside today so not really minding the rain, which we need.  I got my haircut and ran a few errands this morning...checking in here to share a memory...and off to chores to get Tim off hunting tomorrow.  I will miss him & Bert, but I am also looking forward to having some time to myself.  Maybe I will actually get something done off my "to do" list!

Have a great day everyone!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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