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First Tomato

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I was out Saturday and got another bag of Sugar Snap Peas and this beautiful Tomato!  The first of many on the vine.  Had Sugar Snap Peas in a big Hawaiian Salad Saturday night.  They really set off the salad!  So sweet and crunchy!  Stir fry tonight and this beauty...BLT's tomorrow!  It was a hot weekend here again, but it was 57 this morning and only 64 in the house!  I was up baking for the week.  We have fresh banana muffins (going to do a Honey Frosting on them) and a pan of Snicker-doodles.  Not sure about the weather for the rest of the to do what you can while you can!

Still doing my spoonful of honey at night.  I really do think I am sleeping better, and still no heartburn at night.  Don't know about the losing weight was a hot weekend and I wasn't very active.  I sat around and ate.  Nothing terrible (Sugar Snap Peas) but I went on an ice cream binge yesterday.  I only had 2 ice cream bars (actually yogurt bars) but it seemed extreme!  I will weigh in a few days and keep you updated.  I bet my DTHoney comes through for me.

Much to do on this cool Monday.  Tim will be out working bees all afternoon and I will be busy in the office working on our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) brochures and posters.  We are getting close to launching this on our website!  We have 5 sponsors this year as a test, and it has been wonderful.  I will keep you updated.  Sign up for next year starts soon!  It will say, "The Stronger Bee-CSA Program" listed in our Product line.  Tim is busy setting it up on the website.  As soon as we launch, you will be the first to know.  We already have one person on next year's list!  

Waiting to see if it rains this afternoon.  If not, I will be out watering and putzing in the garden.  Which reminds me...I need to make up another bottle of "BITE BACK BUG REPELLENT" for me!  I just keep refilling my bottle from a couple of years ago when we first offered it.  I have the label almost worn off I use it so much.  The things we love most, always show the wear!

Have a great start to your week all!  Remember:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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