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First Grilling

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This past Saturday was our first outdoor grilling of the season.  Tim was soooo excited!  I was too, but as any woman knows it isn't just about the meat on the grill.  What we have here is a Venison burger (from our shoot and freezer), seasoned with just sea salt, pepper, and chopped fresh onion then made into patties for grilling.  Although it is hard to see here on my plate, there is bacon under that nice slice of deli swiss.  I baked the bacon in the oven, sauteed mushrooms on the stovetop, then baked onion rings while burgers were cooking.  No bread for this burger!  It definitely stands on its own.  There really is a nice thick burger under there.  At least I remembered to take a picture before I ate most of it.  I got a little carried away on the onion rings...Tim and I both had some left.  He will be doing leftovers tonight from Saturday.  I haven't decided what I might have...thinking a cobb salad.  He might get a small salad too. 

Suppose to be almost 70 today.  It has been an overcast morning from the showers last night.  The sun is out now and I bet it won't take long to warm up.  It has really been nice having the windows open during the day.  Soon I will be leaving windows open 24/7.  Almost time to break out the fans and have Tim bring in my tub of "summer clothes".  I wonder after the quarantine if any of my summer pants still fit...Hmmm.  We are just waiting to get the official word about no quarantine.  That being said, I have been a really good girl about staying home and away from people.  Got the word last night though that our Ladies Bible Study has decided to meet this week.  Thank God!  I truly, truly miss our weekly studies, coffee, and updates!  There are only 8 of us if everyone makes it and none of the ladies have been ill, so I think we are good.  Going to be at a local home, so I am not worried.  I am excited about getting out and among the ladies again!  And who doesn't need Bible Study now.

Still have to say: Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane! (getting harder to do!)


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