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Finally Friday!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I am writing this on Thursday and it will auto post on Friday.  We will be gone Friday morning, so enjoy!

It has been a long week.  Here is what I have learned:  Tim's 2nd favorite pie is Key Lime.  I decided to be nice and make him a Key Lime Pie.  He is dairy free so this wasn't a cheesecake type.  I am allergic to most acids, but I can get away with a little bit sometimes.  LIME is NOT one of those acids.  A few bites and my tongue blistered and swelled up.  I had to go hunt down my allergy medication which I haven't taken in a long time, and I was miserable for a couple of days.  I still have a few blisters on the inside of my cheek.  Tim is enjoying his pie, imagine the picture with Cool Whip on it!  LOL! I will not be participating in Key Lime Pie again.

I have had trouble sleeping this week.  Exhausted during the day, and unable to sleep at night.  I finally took a nap yesterday, which helped so much.  BUT,  I couldn't go to sleep again last night.  I did finally get some sleep, but I am ready for another nap which I am not going to take.  Maybe I will be able to rest tonight.

Another thing is the weather!  All those weeks of blinding cold, then 40-50 degree weather for almost a couple of weeks!  I could see the whole field in dark dirt yesterday, and we had 4 deer out here last night just having fun romping around.  We were suppose to get storms, and they had lots of rain and even tornado watches south of us, but no precipitation here until about 10pm last night.  It never stopped snowing!  About 6" of nice, fluffy, white, snow!  Sun is shinning and it is beautiful, but it was like waking up in another world again.  Suppose to be 38 today so most of it will be gone soon.  Nice weather through the weekend!  Maybe into the 50's again.  Hang on!  We "Spring Ahead" Saturday night!  Already tired and going to lose yet another hour.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy! 


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