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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Isn't this a beautiful picture?  This is Belle (she is no longer with us) on our boat on Lake Vermilion.  The boat is also no longer with us either, since we live here now.  This photo was taken early fall about 5 years ago.  I LOVE Bert, but this is the dog of my Life!  Feeling nostalgic today...actually missing Belle and the boat.

Still taking DTHoney every night.  Sleeping better, but the best thing is still no heartburn.  No heartburn...sleep better!  I did weigh this change.  But no change is good, at least I didn't gain!  Been on a "sweet" kick lately.  It is cool in the mornings and I have been baking.  I need to quit that, or immediately start freezing the baked goods.  We had a friend for breakfast this morning.  He is a neighbor, but doesn't live up here.  He has lots of acres, but uses the property as more of a hunting/fishing/vacation place.  He usually stops by when he is up and we visited last night and he came over for a Bacon & Egg Scrambler with Tator Tots, Banana Muffins and of course Coffee.  Tim & Bert are finally outside and I can get some work done.  

Yesterday was a total loss for me as far as the office goes.  I went to Bible Study, stopped at the church to check on a class I am thinking about, and then grocery shopping.  Managed to fix BLT's last night with broccoli coleslaw.  I can't do tomato, so I use sliced avocado on my sandwich.  Tim had the fresh garden tomato on his!  Yes, it was amazing and I am so happy that it came from our garden.  A real tomato that I grew.  Silly, I know.  I had a garden in Hastings, but it was really Tim's garden and our neighbors.  He is actually letting me do my thing this time and I am truly enjoying it.  I am already planning to expand next year!  Oh Yes!  I can't wait!

That is about all the news I have today folks.  Beautiful day!  48 last night and 62 in the house this morning.  I even turned off all the fans about 4 am!  Sunny, nice breeze and 72 right now.  Perfect!  I think a perfect day like this is the reason I am missing the boat.  Nice breeze, fishing all day, sun on my face...maybe even a swim.  But, priorities have changed and now we have little bees to watch!  I may not be bobbing and fishing, but it is still a perfect day here!

Have a great Hump Day all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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