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End of Hummers

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It has been a very busy, strange weekend here.   We were gone all day Saturday to a dear friends daughters wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, but saddened by the news of her oldest brother passing on Friday night.  They chose to go ahead with the wedding since they had to reschedule twice already because of Covid.  It was a joyous, yet somber day.  Outdoor wedding, drizzly, cloudy day.  I always heard that rain was good luck on your wedding day.  The rain did hold off until just after the ceremony!  Still, my heart aches for their loss on what should be just a joyous occasion.  Life moves on...

Thursday I filled my hummingbird feeders...and then didn't notice any hummers!  I didn't see any on Thursday or Friday! Do you know that hummingbirds migrate according to the length of sunshine in an area and not temperature?  Thursday  must have been the day up north here!  I am going to leave my feeders out for awhile to catch the migration.  I did have 2 come through last night and quickly feed.  I am guessing they were coming from Canada and stopped for a refreshment on their travels.  It was 30 here again last night, but the sun is shining and Fall is knocking on our door.  Going to be in the 70's tomorrow, then 21 on Wednesday night!  Start out with a jacket on, end up wearing Capri's, and sweatpants by dinner!  LOL!  I am sad to see my beautiful, busy little birds go.  The bees have also slowed way down.  The farm is getting quiet and starting to see leaves fall from the trees.  Still not in full color here, but soon.  I will take a 4whlr trip and take pictures during the full colors.  Just breathtaking!  There was freezing fog this morning.  Glad the sun is breaking through.  Might be a good afternoon to finish up in the garden.  Still have squash to bring in and prep soil for next spring.  

We are still trying to catch up on rest from this last week and weekend.  Tim is snoring on the couch as I write this!  He was busy with bees, and filling orders all day Sunday and scouting out bird hunting areas with a friend.  I was tired and almost too sore to move yesterday as the wedding was quite a trek I wasn't expecting.  Good for me yes...but I will pay for it for a few more days!  I did manage to make Wild Rice Casserole with fresh baked biscuits last night for dinner, leftovers tonight.  I made a Chocolate/Cherry Crisp last Friday...I might have to go break into some sugar here soon.  Maybe even a 1/2 cup of coffee!  I am not a napper like Tim, but I wish I was!

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you letting me bend your ear on a regular schedule!  I truly mean it when I say:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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