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Easter Lily's

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

My Mom loved Easter Lily's.  She made sure she got one every year, and planted them in front of the house in-between the shrubs.  After years of this ritual, every Spring it was the beautiful white lily's highlighting the green shrubs.  It really was a  beautiful spring show.  The story of the Easter Lily is simple.  White is the purity of Christ - no sin.  The shape is the trumpet - sounding the message of the risen Christ, and the bulbs are buried 3 years before they bloom - representing the rebirth, hope and resurrection of Christ.  I have never planted bulbs.  When you move, you have to dig them up to take them with you or leave all your work behind.  My Mom never moved.  They were a landmark.  I do not want to say how many times I have moved...but this year I want an Easter Lily, and I want to plant it!  I think it is time.

That being said, I popped my hip out Saturday and I am having a time with it.  I got up this morning doing pretty good, but Tim almost had to place me in bed last night.  So much to do this week, and I fear I will be on a heating pad by this afternoon.  So my peeps...I am taking the Resurrection Week off!  May you all have a very blessed week and a wonderful Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday!  Celebrate!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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