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Easter Goodies

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is my vintage 1987 Wilton Lamb cake pan.  Yes I made carrot/spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  Do I have a picture?  NOPE!  All that is left this morning is 1 small piece and crumbs.  I am not a cake decorator.  The eyes, nose, mouth were M&M's.  I did "carve" out the tail and feet and ears, but everything was all white frosting.  When Nick was small I tried to "decorate" it like the picture. HA!  Great eating, not decorating!

It was wonderful having the kids here this weekend.  It brings me such joy!  We all attended church together on Sunday, and it was the highlight of my year so far!  They packed up and left after church because they had to get back to the cities for work today.  We did Easter dinner on Saturday night.  If you know is love.  I wish it wasn't so, but it is!  We also celebrated Josh's birthday which is in a couple of weeks, and since we were all together we celebrated.  He even took some cake home with him.

So, here is how my weekend went:  Friday night:  Kids were here in time for dinner.  Baked chicken thighs, twice baked mashed red potatoes, corn & peas.  Of course we put candy filled Easter eggs on their pillows (4 star accommodations ya know), and we all got solid chocolate Easter bunnies.  Time to give up the sugar again.

Saturday was a great day.  Nick helped Tim move the hives out of the loop building onto the their stands in the yard.  The other bees we have on order should be here this next weekend.  Tim will have to go to the cities to pick them up.  Such a busy, exciting time.  After the bee move, Nick had requested Eggs Benedict for breakfast.  It is one of our holiday favorites and although the first couple of times I made it was not simple, I have perfected it and now it is not a big deal.  I don't "do lunch" so just munched (I think that is when we got into the cake!) Dinner was fondue!  It was fabulous!  Scallops, chicken, and beef tenderloin chunks we cooked ourselves.  Plus a big tossed salad and wild rice!  Dipping sauces included Garlic/Butter, Teriyaki, and Honey Mustard.  Cake for dessert and time for bed!  Sunday I made an egg casserole before church.  O'Brien hash browns, chunked ham, scrambled eggs, cheese, leftover hollandaise sauce with a blanket of cheese on top.  A little salsa on top for most of the gang and it was off to church.  Sent most of the leftovers home with the kids.  Tim and I had leftover baked chicken last night and leftover egg casserole for breakfast this morning.  Salad tonight for dinner!  LOL!

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!  I certainly did!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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