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Do You Microwave?

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Who doesn't use a microwave?  It is an absolute kitchen need today.  But to be honest, did you grow up with one?  I didn't.  Not only did I not grow up with one, I bought my Mom her first one when I was 18 for her Mother's Day.  It was huge, and heavy, and loud.  But it worked!  She loved it!  

Most of us have probably always had microwaves in our own kitchens.  I did have a microwave for years (I actually had the one I bought my Mom for years!), and they are great time savers.  You can use them for practically anything today.  But there was a time, when I was very sick, that I ditched my microwave.  I wanted my food as fresh and natural as I could get it.  Microwaving changes your food.  It heats moisture, which can actually change the molecular structure of your food.  Reheating tea...not a big deal.  Actually cooking your food in a microwave, not always such a good thing.  I went years without a microwave.  Did it help?  I don't know.  It kept me focused on real food, not packaged and processed food. But I did learn to live without the convenience and so did my family.  

Here is my point today.  DO NOT MICROWAVE HONEY!  If you have crystalized honey, run hot water and sit it in water to warm up.  Don't put it on stove.  Most honey is in plastic (should be food grade plastic) and it will melt on the stove.  Just use very hot water and let the honey soak.  Repeat the hot water bath as needed.  If you have pure, raw honey, it will not go bad!  It crystallizes because of moisture, which is natural.  The lower the moisture, the longer it takes (if ever) to crystallize.  The problem isn't that honey crystallizes, the problem is that if you heat it above 105' it loses much of the health benefit!  You will kill the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and the antioxidants that good honey offers.  Most of the honey you buy in stores is processed and/or blended.  Processed means heated.  Yes, it will probably never crystalize, but that is not a good thing.  Our honey is raw honey.  We do warm it, but not above 105', and it's not filtered, it is strained.  We strain it twice through 2 different sized screens so you get all the benefit.  

Oh, and I do have a very small microwave (700 Watt) in my kitchen now.  I do not cook with it, but I do reheat with it sometimes (usually for Tim) and I can't eat popcorn at all, so my hubby uses it to make popcorn.  All my cooking is done on my stove & in my oven.  I even make oatmeal (Plain Instant GF) with hot water from my tea kettle on my stove!  Unless it is Steel Cut, then it gets its own pan on the stovetop.

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Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane! 


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