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Crazy Weather

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Yesterday was bright and sunny...and chilly...and VERY WINDY!  I shouldn't have gotten such a giggle out of watching my poor hummers fight the wind to get a drink!  I watched one that looked like he had a mohawk his feathers were so blown up, and then POOF...he was gone!  Just blew away!  Wind took all my plants off the porch (1 is dead I think) and took a heavy rocker deck chair and blew it clear out in the field.  It got cold last night (40), but it is only going to be 53 today with a low of 31 tonight, and down into the 20's the next few nights.  Glad I haven't gotten my garden in yet.  I will have to bring tomatoes in today and my porch plants that survived.  Thinking of wrapping my feeders with scarves to keep from freezing.  It will warm up during the day to mid 50's-low 60's, but the morning feed might be a bit chilly.  It is going to be a tough week here for these little beauties!  Still windy today, but not as bad.  It was 61 in the house this morning (heat has been off for over a week), but we might have to kick it on tonight.  I love the cool weather for getting things done in the house.  Laundry and baking today...maybe a bit of "spring cleaning".  Hard to worry about deep cleaning when the windows are open and dust is flying!  LOL!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy AND STAY WARM!!!!


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