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Cinnamon Banana Muffins

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Got up this morning with 3 very ripe bananas staring at me.  Tim is great about eating bananas, for a few weeks...and then I have to bake with them.  This recipe should have made 24 muffins, but I like the BIG Muffin Tops, so all the batter went into just 12!  Huge muffins with Cinnamon Sugar tops!  Had to get a picture.  It is rainy and windy today so these smell amazing and really helped my mood.  Nothing better than Warm Cinnamon Banana Muffins to elevate your mood!  

Nothing much else up today for Monday (I don't count laundry).  It is going to be another busy week.  Lots on my agenda until Thursday night.  Tim is leaving Thursday morning sometime for Duck Hunting up north.  Another friend of ours and Nick are meeting him on Friday.  Bert will be the happiest dog!  He will get to go with Tim, see Nick, and hopefully retrieve some birdies!  Besides laundry, mending, packing, and cooking for camp, I have shopping to do, Bible Study (not a chore!), and a haircut and meeting.  I will blog on Friday for sure...but taking a bit of a break with Tim and Bert gone.  I might get some of MY projects done for a change.  Ok...I'm not taking bets on that, but at least it is a possibility!  I just need to keep myself motivated!  

Wish I had "smell-a-vision"!  The muffins are plated now, but still smell fresh from the oven.  YUM!  I hope your Monday is as good as mine so far!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane! 



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