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Christmas Flashback

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

A very busy day here today.  What little shopping I am going to do this year gets done TODAY!  Usually I am the online shopping queen, BUT I am not trusting shipping right now as things are so far behind.  Yes, I will still have shipping, but it will be direct from me this year and I am hoping to get it out soon so things are on time.  My first Christmas present I ordered was before Halloween and it just got here yesterday!  I can't take the chance that things are that far behind.  I am far behind on things too...but at least if I have it and ship it myself I know it is done!  Prayers for Tim today as he is my chauffeur!  It really does help him pulling right up to the door, letting me out, staying in the car, and picking me up at the door when I am done.  He is going into the first store with me, then he will just babysit!  LOL!  Sandwiches for dinner tonight and probably some extra pain meds.  I am just not made to "go" shopping anymore.  So, to make sure my Grands get Grammy gifts on time....A shopping I will go!  HO! HO! HO!

This is a really old Christmas picture of us.  No Bert yet so it is at least 6 years old, and I think Nick was still in HS so it is probably 10 years old.  I think Nick is singing a Christmas song to Belle, Tim is laughing and I am just trying to stay in the picture!  I still had long, red hair!  Tim still has the "Ho Ho Ho" Santa hat too.  Just reminiscing this morning!  ENJOY!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane! 


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