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Checking In

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Hard to type today...I cut my finger on a box I was carrying meat in from the garage freezer.  UGH!  Cut the whole tip of my finger and it still hurts.  Cleaned & bandaged well, but really hard to type!  

Wish I had better news today but it is overcast, cold, and windy here.  Didn't even have my deer breakfast crew this morning.  I am headed to do some baking.  Going to do another batch of those PB Cookies!  Venison Homemade Italian Sausage tonight for dinner as Spaghetti Sauce.  I have some mushrooms that need used up and it is a good night for sauce.

Took a small ham out of the freezer for Easter Dinner.  Just Tim & I, but I am still doing a nice dinner.  Ham, asparagus, roasted potatoes, deviled eggs, and I am going to make my first attempt at homemade Coconut Cream Pie!  My Favorite!  

That is all for today folks!  Short & Sweet!  Think Spring!

Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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