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Busy Days Ahead

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I wanted a cute cartoon this morning for my Picture.  This is actually a tapestry from TaptheDecor website on Amazon.  I just love how they are doing everything individually and just happy about it. This is my Monday folks!  I am going in 50 different directions, getting nothing accomplished, so I might as well "BEE" happy about it!

It is August and Fall is in the air already.  42 last night!  The neighbor plowed under the side field yesterday.  It just seems like things are happening too fast.  Don't get me wrong...I Love Fall!  It is my favorite season.  I know there will be hot days ahead of us, but the sun is out and warm, but only 65!  BEEAUTIFUL!  Tim is fulfilling an order for our Farmer's Markets...Pumpkin Spice is being made now.  So yes feels like Fall today!  

Had a scare this morning with Bert.  He hardly ever barks, but he was outside and started quite a fuss!  Then I realized he was running down the drive towards the road.  I yelled for him, but I sprained my ankle and was not making much headway to the door.  Tim got to the door before me and it looked like a Wolf running right down the middle of the road!  Tim yelled and Bert did a turn around and headed back to us.  Big, Dark, Grey Face.  I say Wolf, Tim says dog.  Wish I had gotten a picture to share.  Too big for a dog!  Bert is the perfect alarm system!

So much to do today and time is slipping away.  I hope you all have a great Monday and remember to check out our CSA program on the website!  Look under the Products heading for information and how to sign up. We already have people signed up for next year!  So exciting!  If you have any questions, just let me know. I am here for you!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!

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