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Bite Back Tuesday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

We are here people!  The time of year when life is anew, and that means the bugs are back.  There are options to DEET now.  DEET has long been the best bug repellent.  It still is one of the best.  But that does not make it something I want to put on my body.  It can cause neurological reactions, skin reactions, it will actually melt some synthetics and plastics.  Who wants to put on bug spray and then grab your favorite plastic fishing lure and have it melt to your fingers!  Oh yes...I have actually seen this happen.  Funny at the time...maybe.  But when you think about it, not very funny for your health.  

There is a new hit in town when it comes to bug sprays.  It is called Picaridin and it is a Synthetic Derivative of Black Pepper.  No DEET.  But here is my problem with this is Synthetic. Another problem is that there is limited and no long term testing yet.  Is it safe?  Probably.  But I have spent years using my bug spray, and although it may not be considered "long term", I trust my own results.

Next are the botanical bug sprays.  These are plant based and usually smell decent.  Here again is the problem.  They smell good to bugs too!  I bought a botanical bug spray at a Farmers Market a few years ago.  First problem was it was sticky.  Second problem was that it smelled too good to the insects.  I only used it once...that was enough.  Loved the cute bottle it came in though!  Washed and kept the bottle...dumped the bug spray.


This is MY baby!  Back when the allergies started and my rashes were so bad, I could not find a bug repellent that worked for me.  I needed one desperately because I was also allergic to black fly bites and mosquitoes.  DEET also broke out my skin, so although that would have been my first choice in bug repellent, it wasn't an option for me.  I started researching natural ways to repel bugs.  I was using a lot of Essential oils then so that was where most of my research was going.  I found lots of recipes for bug sprays, but most all of them incorporated a botanical element, mostly floral.  As a bee girl, wearing flowers was not going to keep the insects away!  That first summer I did much experimenting.  Friends and neighbors got samples to try.  I wanted opinions and help!  When I hit this formula, it was like hitting the mother lode!  The mosquitoes would actually fly away from me.  Black flies hovered, but never landed.  I was insect free AND no welts or rashes.  I used it constantly!  DEET FREE and totally natural.  What I'm saying here people is...IT WORKS!  The side effect:  It smells good!  To humans!  Ladies, you can put this on and go to dinner and not smell like a backwoods bear!  I LOVE THIS SPRAY!  It will not stain clothing, it is not sticky, it won't melt anything, and it smells great.  Such a win/win!  One of the farm girls up the road always wants sprayed after she visits me before she goes home for chores.  One day she wanted to know if she could taste it.  Of course I was reluctant...that is not the intent!  But she dipped her finger in the bottle and liked it.  So I had to try it too!  Not anything I want to drink, but it didn't hurt us either!  Yes people, it is SAFE!

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As Always: Stay Safe, Stay Sane!



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