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Bert, Bloopers & Blog

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It has been a week already.  Monday was one of those days I had all of the things I was going to get my head!  Nothing really got accomplished.  The refrigerator Oatmeal breakfasts?  STILL need to make.  I did make it to Bible Study on Tuesday and picked up a few groceries.  I was craving turkey yesterday.  We had ham for Thanksgiving because we just butchered piggy in November so it was time to try one of our smoked hams.  Delicious!  But I love turkey and I missed it!  They had turkeys on sale at the store yesterday.  I just couldn't bring myself to buy a whole turkey for just us I bought a turkey breast.  It was also on sale and it is turkey tonight!  Going to keep it simple for the menu:  Turkey, homemade mashed reds, and roasted green beans.  SO looking forward to dinner!

Look at my fuzzy Bert!  He is such a fuzz ball!  Tim keeps saying he is going to trim him up, but somehow that hasn't gotten done yet and now the temps are getting really low, so who knows how long this boys hair will get.  He is soooo soft though!  Of course, there is a little shedding, but since it is so cold, not much.  The sun is out today and Tim is off snowmobiling with a couple of friends.  Ice fishing and snowmobiling!  Now you know why I live in MN!

Blog...almost done.  Bert...Forever Fluffy.  Now for bloopers!  I have had computer problems all morning.  Finally got things up and running and now it is almost noon.  Bloopers: take your pick today.  Inauguration, weather, or just plain conversation.  Thank God I have been with Tim so long that he knows what I am trying to say.  I couldn't form a complete sentence this morning to save me!!!  Been one of those weeks when I know what I want to say...I just can't quite get it out of my mouth!  I think it is the headaches/migraines getting to me.  It will be interesting Friday to see lab results, talk to the Doc and form a plan?  A plan.  HMMMMMM...I am starting to wonder after almost 15 years of this fight if that is even a possibility.  Maybe my new Doc will have the answers.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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