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Beeutiful Bees

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I noticed I have been posting the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) for awhile.  I think I do that just to keep track!  I know today is the 7th, but I had to check WHAT DAY IT IS!  So, since I have looked is Tuesday!  

Tim left at 5am for the cities to pick up our bees.  So exciting!  He will be back with them late this afternoon and get them settled into their new homes with food and shelter.  It is raining, foggy and in the mid 50's today.  That is great!  Great weather for bees!  Cool enough that they aren't very active, but warm enough that they aren't going to freeze.  Talked to Tim a little bit ago and he is doing fine and almost there to pick up.  I am posting early today because I have dinner to prepare today for our little bees, and also a webinar this afternoon.  I am sure we will all be in bed early here tonight.

The field is more flooded with the rain now, and this morning we had a Mallard Duck couple floating around in the field!  So beautiful!  I tried to get pictures, but it was too foggy and they heard me come out the door and started swimming in the tall grasses.  We had a nesting couple out here last year.  I would love to have them again.  Tim said he saw Swans on the east side of the bridge yesterday.  They are so graceful and beautiful.  They haven't made our side of the bridge yet, but as always, I will try to get pictures!  I really need to have a zoom camera set up in my living room!

Lots of bunnies out today too!  Bert is sad because "Daddy" is gone today.  Normally he would be a crazy dog hunting bunnies & ducks.  Not so much today.  Sad, raining, and foggy.  He just isn't in the mood.  For clarification...Bert is a hunting dog, but he loves "the hunt".  They only thing he actually catches is mice and 1 squirrel.  I worry about the bunnies, but so far, so good.  He really just wants to play and run!  It's the chase, not the catch, that intrigues him. 

Leftovers for dinner last night, so no new pictures.  I think I will post my barn today.  One of the main reasons I wanted the property, and it collapsed about a year ago from a heavy spring snow storm.  I checked out the wood the other day on our "mud walk" and I think it will be great wood to use for my raised garden and a chicken coop!

Time for more tea and honey!

ENJOY your day all!  As always...STAY IN, STAY SAFE, STAY SANE!


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