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Bears & Bees & Birds...Oh My!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This little cutie was tree'd by the neighbors dog a few days ago.  Yes...our neighbors! Thank you Lisha Pearson @ Rice River Holsteins for the pictures and story!  Although I love him here, I will not love him if he decides to come get into our hives.  Critters are starting to forage for winter and he is no exception.  I am hoping that Bert will alert us if he comes here and we can run him off.  We do have electric fence, but we grew this year to a point where we need more and Tim never got it up.  We will fix that next year!  Already planning on the fence!  Bears can smell the honey, which interests them, but what they really want are the bees and larvae.  All that yummy protein!  Pooh Bear may just want honey...but this Bear, he wants it all!

The hives are doing great so far this fall.  Bees are still active, although there isn't much nectar now.  Tim is supplement feeding them so they can get stores on for the winter.  It will be about another month before he moves them to inside storage.  We don't run heaters, but they are out of the elements (snow & wind) which really helps immensely.  We do have to run fans though.  Yes, the little bees breath air just like all living creatures, and they expel carbon dioxide.  If it isn't moved away from the hives they will suffocate.  Amazing, strange little critters aren't they?  We just use oscillating floor fans.  Just enough air to carry away the bad stuff, but not enough air to cool them off too much.  Everything is a fine-tuned dance with bees!

Onto the birds!  Humming birds that is!  I left my feeders up and I have had a few migratory feeders come through.  Saw 1 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, and 2 already today.  They are not dive bombing, and showing off now...they are eating!  Never saw hummers sit and eat the way they are doing now.  It might be my last batch of food for them, but I am glad some of them are getting nourishment on their travels.  So, just had something else happen with birds I am going to share.  I saw a small birdie sitting on the rear-view mirror on Tim's truck.  I thought I saw him fall, but then figured he probably just flew to the ground.  THEN I had a bird fly into my office window!  Not hard, but he was flying along the house and went by, flapping his wings against the house.  WE HAVE DRUNKEN BIRDS!  Happens every year, but I think it is a little early.  They eat fermented berries and get drunk.  Last year I had a friend in town have one fly through her glass living room window!  They can be crazy little drunken soldiers!  It doesn't last long, and I hope we don't have any damage to us or the birdies!  I have seen several land and fall off of the vehicles out here.  Sorry...but that is funny!

So, Bears & Bees & Birds covered for the day!  Have a great Wednesday and as always:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Sane!



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