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Be Prepared for Winter

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I KNOW!  We just moved into Fall.  But, it is only going to be highs in the 50's and  cloudy, for the next week at least.  Colors are fading and the drizzle right now looks like it could turn into white flakes at any moment.  Lows in the 30's for the next week.  Probably time to finally turn the heat on.  It is only 61 in here today (which I Love) but with the rain and no sunshine it will not warm up before it gets cold tonight.  Yup...I bet the heat comes on tonight!

I finished up in my garden this morning before the rain moved in.  I had 3 small cucs that I threw in the yard (the deer or something will love them) and I had 3 nice Spaghetti Squash left.  Everything is now dead in the garden.  Next semi-nice day I will pull everything out and get things ready for next year.  I did bring in my garden gloves, shears, and twine.  I still have 5 tomatoes on the kitchen window sill trying to get enough sun to turn red.  A couple of the smaller ones are turning, not the bigger ones yet.  I love fried green tomatoes, but Tim isn't on board.  Hopefully they will ripen soon.

 Still running our promotion!  Share us with your friends on social media and win a free Flavored Honey of your choice! Use the link on our homepage (click the cute little gift package) or this link:  If you aren't already, sign up for our emails (only 1 a week) for my recipes.  I am featuring our Cold Suppressor here today, but my recipe this week is for a natural, easy cold & flu remedy, that you can use in cooking too!  I have been too busy to get my onions out...but I have them ready and I will hopefully get them out this afternoon after my post. 

It is a yucky day here folks.  I hope your Friday is bright and warmer! 

As Always: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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