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April brings May Flowers

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Many folks are now seeing Spring coming to life.  Here in Northern MN...I am still waiting!  Nice the last couple of days, but not above 40.  Still haven't seen a robin!  I am sure there must be a few around...but not in my vision range!  The swans yesterday gave me some hope.  I have my garden planned, but it may be awhile.  I did start some romaine lettuce in my window sill the other day.  Already seeing green shoots!  I need to hear birds chirping, singing and digging up worms!  I know it will warm up.  Always does!  Just not soon enough.  Remind me I said this when I am complaining it is too hot in a few months.

What else does spring bring?  BUGS!  I have your solution, especially for mosquitos and flies!  I made our BITE BACK NATURALLY-INSECT REPELLENT when we first moved up here.  Minnesota is known for its mosquitos. The state bird!  But kidding aside, they really are something else.  The biting flies are bad too, and I am allergic to them. If I get bit on the top of my foot, my whole foot swells up and my toes look like vienna sausages!   We were tearing down the old house, building roads, drainage pipe, loop buildings, watersheds, etc.  Very wet spring and LOADS of bugs.  Living between houses for awhile didn't help.  I can't use most bug sprays because of my allergies.  I decided to make my own.  It worked!  I mean it really worked!  I made it up in industrial spray bottles for the guys to carry with them.  I kept a bottle with me ALWAYS!  I never broke out and it was amazing.  IT SMELLS GOOD!  Even nearby farmers have commented on it!  One Grandma bought 6 bottles of it last year to use on her grandbabies when they came to visit the farm and go to the lake. They loved it, she loves it and it is all natural!

My tip for the day: Buy yourself BITE BACK NATURALLY-INSECT REPELLENT today!  Stock up before the bugs overtake you some night.  You will thank me!  This is my recipe and it really works!  These flowers are from along the driveway...LAST JUNE!  There is always hope!

As always peeps:  Stay In, Stay Safe, Stay Sane



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