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All about the Blueberries

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This has been a hard year for fruit.  That being said I do have some frozen wild blueberries that were just calling my name this week.  Since I have A/C now, I can use my oven and not heat up the house!  That means I can bake...and bake I did.  I came across this recipe and have never heard of Blueberry Upside Down Cake!  I had to try it!  I took it to Bible Study and it was a hit!  Served with a little Real Whipped Cream (or Cool Whip) or just plain!  It is amazing!  My cake looked just like the cake on Pinterest!  How often does that happen?  Do you love blueberries?  This is your next dessert!  I am not posting recipe here but I have it saved on my Pinterest account or just look it up on Pinterest.  So amazing!  I have to admit, I used a boxed, gluten free, butter cake mix.  I prepped the pan and blueberries as directed and made the cake batter and just poured it on top.  I used a Bundt pan and timed baking for a Bundt pan.  It did take about an extra 10 minutes to make this cake.  Toothpick was clean so I pulled it out and cooled it for 15 minutes before putting a serving plate over it and flipping it over.  Leave the pan over the cake until cool!  All of the blueberry juice will trickle down into the cake!  It is totally amazing.  I was afraid the pan wouldn't lift off, but it came out perfect.  Just had to share!  This one is worth it!

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