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A Fresh Start

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

The garden is really starting to come in.  I went out Saturday morning and grabbed a big bag of Sugar Snap Peas!  They are soooo good!  Tim and I ate them Saturday like finger food!  We had these instead of chips with dinner.  Absolutely the best!  I also harvested herbs.  Sweet Basil and Dill!  My Cilantro isn't doing well.  One of the recent big storms took my Cilantro and Sweet Basil and uprooted them.  I replanted, and the Basil is doing great, not sure the Cilantro is going to make it.  I also lost all of my onions except one.  It is still giving me nice green sprouts, but the other 11 are not going to make it.  You should see the Spaghetti Squash and Cucumbers!  I am going to have enough Spaghetti Squash for the whole winter (at least!)  I am loving my little garden!  Going out later this afternoon for more peas and some lettuce for dinner tonight!  YUM!

The weather has cooled down for now.  It was 48 last night and it was 62 in the house this morning.  Perfect!  It is suppose to be 75 today but in the 50's with storms tonight.  I know it is July and we have lots of hot yet to come...but today I am enjoying the weather.

Tim worked bees all weekend.  He checked all the hives and we had 1 hive with no queen?  He has been grafting queens, so we have nucs prepared with queens and he was able to replace a new queen in the hive.  Usually they have "emergency queens" and "swarm queens" in backup in the hive.  This one did not.  Very unusual.  Really has Tim perplexed.  I think he will check on them again today to make sure things are good.  With all the rain and heat the "flow" is still on and the busy little bees are really bringing in the pollen/nectar and making that golden, sweet honey!  

Bert got another hair cut this weekend and I made a coconut cream pie!  I don't know what I did wrong, but the pie didn't set up, so we put it in the freezer!  It is still creamy and wonderful!  Frozen coconut cream pie!  Even mishaps work out sometimes.

Working on a Contest coming up soon!  Be checking for updates!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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