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Updates on Summer Posts

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I have been posting faithfully every M/W/F for a year and a half.  I need a little break peeps!  We have some family coming in June and I need time around my little space here to prepare. is planting season and SUMMER coming!  So, I am going to only post on Wednesdays, once a week, until Fall.  OR unless something really amazing happens!  LOL!  If you are signed up for my Newsletters through the website ( I will continue to post a recipe/update every Friday.  Please go to our website and sign up for the Newsletter!  I try to post easy recipes with honey every week!

Update on the hummingbirds:  It did not get to freezing the other night.  About 38, but those little buggers sure were hungry yesterday.  It did get to 25 last night, but feeders did not freeze and it is 10am and already 48 out!  I took feeders in this morning and they are clean with fresh feed for the weekend!  Happy Hummers!

Being a Holiday Weekend I want everyone to enjoy!  But please remember the reason we are all here and able to enjoy!  Many gave their lives so that we could have the freedoms and choices we have today.  Prayers up for their gift to us and prayers for the families that lost loved ones.  Celebrate in Reverence.

Love to all!


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