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The Bee Saga Continues

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It has been HOT here again for a week with no rain.  The 4th of July weekend was almost unbearable.  No fireworks because it is so dry.  We did manage to make it to a bar-b-que with some friends after a nice cool swim at the lake.  They usually have an amazing fireworks display, but although they had the was just too dry to risk it.  

It cooled WAY down yesterday and was cloudy.  We were suppose to get rain all day...but it stayed to the south and we didn't see a drop!  Nice cool down last night and great in the house this morning.  Only going to be 70 today, but sunny and NO RAIN.  Suppose to be back in the 90's this weekend and we still don't have the AC unit done.  Waiting for electrician to finish wiring and then AC people to come check lines, top off Freon, and start up!  Sure would be nice to see that happen in the next few days.  Not holding my breath though.  The next few days are going to be nice and I am going to just enjoy it!  Cool enough to do laundry this morning, and I might even roast veggies for dinner tonight!  

Tim checked on our little bees yesterday.  They were doing better than he thought they would.  Only 1 hive probably isn't going to make it.  It is not one of the 2 he combined to strengthen them.  They aren't doing as well as we had hoped...but they are still making it happen and hopefully we will get some rain soon.  Maybe next week?  Forecast isn't showing rain through the weekend.  A friend of ours had one of his hives Swarm.  It happens when the bees are too hot and there isn't enough moisture/nectar to keep them.  He said that most of them did come back, which is good.  I can't image they found another place any better then where they were.  We have had Bearding (where they hang on the outside of the hives to stay cool), but not a Swarm.  It has been a tough year.

That is it for my weekly check in folks.  Stay Cool!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!


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