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Friday Funday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Today is my birthday!  Tim is just 3 days my elder.  Maybe at my age birthdays shouldn't be such a big deal.  But, it was always a big deal growing up and it is still a big deal to me.  It is the one day that is truly mine, even if I share it with a million people!  My Mom & Dad always made it special.  One of my favorite birthdays was my "Golden" birthday at age 5.  My Mom took me and my Aunt Flossie and cousin Mickieanne to the Circus.  A real circus!  I think that is when I fell in LOVE with elephants.  It was a big deal going to the circus.  We weren't well off, but finding the $$ for something like this and no shortcuts was very special!  We bought snacks and were close to the action.  I was totally enthralled!  Plus...My Aunt Flossie made me a "hoodie" (what we call them now) that was a plush hunter green with Puppies quilted on the front.  I still remember it!  Probably one of my favorite gifts too!  It was truly a birthday to remember!

This year as I actually enter my "golden" (60++) years, I am looking forward to the kids coming tonight for the weekend.  Supper tonight will be simple.  Taco Salads.  Tim is cooking dinner tomorrow night.  It is his own version of shrimp scampi over our spaghetti squash out of our garden this year and roasted red potatoes.  There will be brownies for dessert and no dishes for Mom to do!  LOL!  Happy Birthday to me!  I think this is the shirt that Nick got me last year for my birthday...Love this too!

Enjoy your weekend all!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!  Stay Happy!


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