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Tim's Next New Toy

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is Tim's other new toy for the bees.  It is an infrared thermometer.  Another one of those items he has wanted for a few years to test the temperature in the hives.  Another item nice to have to keep happy bees!  He will be able to check hive temperature without opening up the hives in the cold and exposing them to the elements.  This will help keep the hives at a regular temperature and we will know if they get too hot (fans on) or too cold (fans off) heater on.  Tim has done a good job guessing the last few years, but now he will know.  These are not big toys, or expensive ones, but they will be a great help in protecting the bees this winter.  A little "peace of mind" in over-wintering the bees.

After an accumulation of snow last week, cold temperatures, and flurries everyday, this morning it was 34' out!  It was wonderful!  Above freezing finally.   Then I noticed the rain on the windows about an hour ago.  Yup!  Still a mix of rain/snow coming down.  It won't take long to dip below freezing, and this will really be a mess.  I can deal with snow.  It is pretty and can be moved out of the way.  Freezing rain...not so much.  I am looking at Brutus (Tim's truck) out of my office window.  It is an icicle.  We have a little ice melt left from last year, but it was on my shopping list...for tomorrow!  Hmmmm...wonder if I will even be able to make it out tomorrow?  It is suppose to be 38 today.  I am betting it's not going to make it.  Only 34 tomorrow, but sunny!  The sunshine would be much appreciated right now!  Hopefully this stops soon and starts to melt off.  I just let Bert out, put a load of laundry in the dryer and started another washer load, and by the time I went to let Bert back in...I had a very frosted dog!  He got toweled off and is now curled up in the blankets on the bed in my office.  

I hope your day is warm and sunny!  

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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