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Tim's New Toy

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Bees breathe.  They need fresh air even in hibernation.  Tim just got this in the mail to check their air.  There is a tube he can insert into the hive to check the oxygen level.  He leaves a small fan running to disperse and keep good air flowing, without being "windy" and too cold.  He does have a small heater if needed, but we don't run it all the time.  Just like us, they need fresh air to survive.  Tim has always worried about keeping fresh air moving and now he can actually check the hives to see how they are doing.  He is like a mother hen!  Always worried about the girls!  I told him I think this looks like a hand held game console.  We used it in the house last night to calibrate and check it.  We are good in here.  He will be using it to check the hives this week.  He hasn't shut the loop building up yet, he wanted a little fresh air flow to dry out the hives from the snow.  It would be nice to have some sunshine...but it is not looking good.  Although we haven't had anymore accumulation, we have had flurries everyday!  I don't care if the temp is zero...sunshine is nice.

I was craving meatloaf yesterday, so guess what we had for dinner last night?  Beef is not kind to me leftover as it builds amino acids to protect it from spoiling almost immediately.  I am allergic to those acids, so I usually do not do leftover beef.  Port and Chicken are ok leftover 1 day, and Venison is good for several days, but not beef.  That being said, I refrigerated leftovers right away, and I will have leftover meatloaf tonight.  It was just too good to leave alone!  What are a few hives?  My body has become better at tolerating my little "cheats" now and again, so I am hoping to get away with leftovers tonight.  Seriously, I am used to hives sometimes for no reason.  At least I know the risk for meatloaf and I am willing to take that chance!  Wish me luck!  We also had real mashed red potatoes and corn on the cob.  Those I know I can do leftover!  I shouldn't be talking about I want a meatloaf sandwich!  LOL!

That is about it today folks!  Stay warm and pray for some sunshine!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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