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The Girls Check In

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim figures that we/ourselves go through about 3 pounds of honey every 10 days or so.  That is a full quart glass canning jar!  Yup...good thing we raise bees because we do love the end product.  That doesn't include my Arthritis Helper that I take every morning in my tea.  We are definitely "honey people."   It has been so brutally cold here for 2 weeks.  Not above zero and into the -30/-40's at night.  Yesterday it got to +8 with sunshine!  Tropical heat wave!  Tim took a walk down to the loop building to check on "the girls".  Several of the smaller hives he is worried about because he is afraid there aren't enough bees to keep warm.  Good news is that it seems the bigger hives are all in good shape and just a couple of the smaller ones might not survive the frigid cold.  We really won't know for a few more months, and it is still going to be winter for awhile.  Suppose to warm up this weekend (above freezing...WOO HOO) and then the snow will come!  Hopefully the girls are snuggled up and doing fine and will be excited soon for Spring.  I know I am!

Finally got back to Bible Study yesterday and we had a Tammy's Birthday/Valentine's theme.  It was lovely!  Good food, great Fellowship and wonderful Friends.  Such a welcome break from all of this reclusive cold!  There is just a small group of us (6 total) but I am so Thankful to be a part of it.  Hopefully there won't be 3' of snow to keep us in next week!  LOL!

Already +5 out after a morning low of -29!  Sun is out and high today suppose to be +16!  Looking forward to a warm up soon!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!  Stay Happy! (and Stay Warm!)




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