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Thankful Thursday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Sorry no post yesterday peeps.  Tim had an eye appointment about 3 hrs from us so it was a long, busy day.  Eye appointment went great, but since we were in a town with shopping (Costco, Fleet Farm) we did pick up a few extra items.  Got home and got everything put away, and today is prep/freezing day.  We buy in bulk and then I break things down for us and freeze.  I cleaned out the freezer on Tuesday (just the small upright freezer, it is the only one that you still have to defrost.)  I have a shelf all cleared off for my chickens!  All our pork and venison is in the chest freezer, and all the chicken and fish is in the upright freezer.  My fridge freezer holds veggies and some "fast" food items that I can tolerate.  It has been a very busy, productive week.  Today continues...

Tim got an email last night that the bees are ready for pickup TODAY!  He got up at 5:30am and took off for the cities.  Another very long, busy day.  Bert and I stayed home today.  Tim will pick up the bees and head straight home.  I just couldn't tolerate the thought of another day of travel.  I can barely move today!  So, those of you who are in the CSA program...your bees are almost here!  It will be a very busy weekend for Tim getting "the girls" set up in their new homes.  So exciting!

Tuesday was a beautiful day!  Sunny and 70!  Time to break out the sun tea!  We are huge sun tea people and it was a perfect day for our first batch.  THIS is spring people!  Another sign of Spring...Rain!  It has been raining 2 days now and we really needed it.  Rained most of Monday night, all day yesterday, and still overcast and sprinkling this morning.  When the sun breaks through after all this rain things will really green up fast.  

Have a great day everyone!  Remember:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!



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