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Stronger Bee Initiative

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Bees were ordered yesterday for the CSA program.  Even after Tim placed the order we had several people inquire about the program and one more sign up!  Tim still has about a month, so ordering an extra box of bees wasn't a big deal yesterday.  But, he needs to plan and it sounds like it is going to be a wonderful year!  "The girls" are busy in the warm weather and sun.  Short cleansing flights and in for the night.  It was 39 and sunny yesterday so lots of activity.  I didn't go down to the loop building, but Tim says you can hear them buzzing when you walk in.  THAT is our sign of spring!

Not much else today.  Friday errands, a bit of shopping and some parts for Brutus.  Brutus is running, but that big diesel took a beating in those few weeks of brutal cold.  Now that it is warmer, Tim will have a chance to do some maintenance work.

Have a Safe, Healthy, Sane, Happy weekend all!


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