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Next Generation

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

The girls (bees) are tucked away for the winter.  It's time to think about next year.  I love the picture of this little girl.  The next generation of beekeepers!  We need to do all we can to encourage and support anyone who wants to keep bees.  They are amazing creatures, and deserve the best care possible.  Our son Nick can keep bees.  I hope that someday he will pass that on to his children.  The love of nature is always welcomed!  Tim is very generous with his time and resources to help any others who keep bees.  He has gained so much knowledge over the years.  I hope someday we can pass on the apiary.

So, thinking of next year...I would like to ask a favor.  Go to our website and pull up our products tab. You will see a cute little boy showing you his bees.  Click on the picture and read about our "Stronger Bee Initiative".  We have packages available that you can purchase through a CSA that help keep the bees strong and gives you the benefit of all their work...HONEY!  Consider our CSA program now so we can prepare for spring.  Makes a wonderful gift for that impossible to buy for person!  A great way to give back to the apiary and score the benefits of honey for yourself and others.

It's also that time of year for colds/flu!  Take a look at our products for these ailments and read up on them to help yourself this winter!

As always...

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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