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Stronger Bee Initiative

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Help strengthen the honeybee and bee population through a Community Supported Agriculture type program (CSA). By purchasing an annual package of bees (includes a queen & 3 lbs. of support bees), your efforts will help support the enhancement and development of the honeybee. For every package you purchase, you will be eligible for 20 lbs. of honey!  There are several options available including: Honey, Honeycomb, Flavored Honeys and “Treat Me Naturally” Honey Remedies.  Do This Honey will raise your bees and do all the work.  You get the savory honey!

Consider utilizing this program for charity or perhaps just a small group of enthusiasts (Neighborhoods, Clubs).  Perfect as a gift for that impossible to buy for person!  Keep in mind that the product will only be shipped to one location. Shipping is Free! Distribution of products to each individual of a group will be the groups responsibility.

This program is needed because of the continued deterioration of honeybee health throughout the country. 

This mutual effort provides a perfect platform for everybody to be involved. 


  1. Provides best practice management through health and nutrition for the bees in Angora, MN
  2. Furnishes all equipment and material handling
  3. Provides Land for the bees to forage
  4. Processing and shipping of product. Free shipping to one location.

Go to our Website and check it out!  Under "Products" go to "Stronger Bee Initiative" and check out the full program scope, cost, and options!


 The above is an excerpt from a poster I made for the CSA program.  I am always willing to answer questions!  There is even a new "chat" button available.  Still working out the kinks on that, but a msg or email is great too.  I know it sounds like a lot of honey, but free shipping AND it would make great gifts!  Tim will start harvesting Monday for this year, so we are planning ahead for next year!  Great option for families to share. 

This is a great picture of a healthy hive.  We have been very fortunate this year with our hives and production.  Hopefully harvest will go just as well and we will be stocked up with fresh honey soon! 

As Always: Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane! 



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