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Strange Fall Findings

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Isn't this a beautiful little flower?  Know what it is?  A dandelion!!!  I was walking through the yard yesterday and I kept noticing little flashes of yellow.  Then I saw one standing up above the grass/leaves!  I couldn't believe it!  I knew Tim wouldn't believe me, so I bent down and picked it.  I have never seen a dandelion at this time of year.  Much less, many of them poking through.  I am still amazed by this.  I have asked a friend who is a Master Gardener, and she has them in WY too!  Coming up in her garden beds. She had never seen this before either.  After I brought it in and showed Tim, he did a little research on it.  Nowhere does it ever mention dandelions blooming in Fall!  As strange as it is, it is comforting too.  All of life is getting ready for hibernation, and these beautiful little flowers are busting through.  The bees are still out, although not foraging much, because there just isn't any nectar left!  I don't know if these dandelions will produce nectar as cold as it is, but maybe the bees will get a welcomed Fall treat!  I am just so thrilled about finding them I had to share!

Update on taking honey at night: I have not lost anymore weight, but not gaining either so that is good.  I think my body feels the cooler weather and says, "Oh No!  We are holding onto every ounce!"  The heartburn is still good, which is a big help to me sleeping.  Tim forgot to take his honey a few nights and he slept terrible.  I am reminding him now!  He even got out of bed to go take it last night. 

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Have a great weekend all!  As always:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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