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Snow Bees

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is not where we wanted to be today.  Winter is here EARLY and looks like it is sticking around.  About 4 inches on the ground now, another 6-9 by tomorrow night.  Tim was going to winterize this week!  We were unprepared for this snow event.  No plow blade on yet, no heat lamps in well, no heat tape plugged in!  PLUS, if you look at the bottom left of this picture you can see a set of bee hives!  Those are feeder tubs on top of them, but they are still out in the elements.  They are 1st priority here!  Tim is out shoveling now and the day will be spent getting the bees in the loop building.  It really isn't that cold yet, 30' right now.  Perfect snow weather, but we are worried about getting "the girls" in before we get too much more snow and the temps tomorrow night will be in the low teens!  They will cluster and keep warm, but best to have them in out of the elements.  I am sure Tim will get that done today, and the rest can wait till our babies are tucked in for the winter!

It really is bee-a-utiful out!  We had 7 deer feeding in the field this morning.  They looked black against the landscape!  Would have been a stunning picture if my camera was better.  They were following along the river feeding.  A new winter cycle begins.  Trying to decide if I am going to get out to the store.  I really don't "have to" but I could.  Might wait until I at least see some sunshine!  Oh wait....that might be February!  LOL!

Keep Warm and as Always:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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