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Sharing Good Things

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

ENJOY EVERY DAY - Cold Suppressor

"I add this to my green tea every morning. It tastes great, and I have not had a serious cold since I’ve been doing this." Debbie, Returning Customer-5 Star Review! Received this wonderful review and an order for 4 bottles from her this morning!  I am telling you people...Check Us Out!  We have the goods to help keep you healthy!

 My good news today? I am still taking my dose of honey every night.  I lost another pound today!  That is 11 lbs total in about 2 months.  I wish it was 110, but I'll take it!  Still no heartburn at night.  I have not had to take antacids since starting the honey at night.  All I can say is: HONEY IS THE BOMB!  And it tastes good too! 

I am sharing a wonderful picture today of a 5lb can of Honey (empty) that a friend from church found among some of her Mother's things she was cleaning out.  She thought of me and brought it to me at church this last Sunday.  What a blessing!  I LOVE IT!  Can you see the little bees on the clovers along the side?  It says it is from the Apiary of Arthur Hanke, Rollingstone, MN.   There isn't a year on it anywhere, but it is a wonderful piece of history!  It even has a disclaimer at the bottom in small letters that says, "Honey is likely to granulate.  To liquefy, place container in warm water.  Do not let water boil.  Keep in a dry place."  I love that it says at the very top "EXTRACTED".  Nowhere does it say that it is even filtered!  This was real, raw, natural Honey just as God intended.  Just like we do it here at Do This Honey!  There is no back label on the can, this is it!  Just priceless!  A little background on this:  I tried searching for Arthur Henke in Rollingstone, MN.  I cannot verify this information, but MN has him listed as a resident from 1908-2017.  No obituary found. That is 109 years!  109 YEARS!  Arthur...God's Blessings Sir!  Amazing.

That is my good news for your Wednesday here from Angora, MN.  I think I will keep researching on Arthur.  I am guessing at 109 (if true) that maybe there was no one else alive for an obituary.  I have a piece of Arthur's history...and I am proud of it.

Enjoy your day all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!



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