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Seek & Bees Will Find

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim was busy this morning putting hives outside.  Beautiful day and suppose to be this way for awhile now.  Barely getting to freezing at night.  The girls have been busy!  Had a few bees up by the windows this morning and they were so laden with pollen that they looked like bumble bees!  They will be upset for a few hours while they find their hives again.  My poor barn makes a wonderful backdrop I think.  The hives were only moved from the loop building, which is on the other side of the barn to this staging area.  Don't worry about those tree limbs in the photo.  It looks like it would fall on them, but it is just outside the door here and actually nowhere near the hives or the barn.  You can see the grass is getting green and even a few buds on the tree if you look hard enough.  A beautiful day on the farm.

Tim is onto working on the brakes on my car.  I hope it is not a big deal.  I am so blessed to have a guy who is "handy" about things.   Might take him longer than a shop, but it is more economical and he really enjoys being a mechanic.  What is that quote from the Red Green Show?  "If they don't find you handsome, they better find you handy."  My guy is both!

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!  Stay Sane!  Stay Happy! 


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