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Rainy Days & Monday

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

It has been raining steadily since last Tuesday night.  EVERYDAY!  No sunshine...but we do need the moisture!  Not freezing, all the snow is gone.  A bit muddy, but there are "green hairs" starting to push up in the field.  When the sun finally does break through it is going to green up fast.  Really looking forward to that!

Busy weekend with the bees.  Tim picked up bees and delivered bees to those who had ordered.  There are several other "Hobby" bee keepers in the area and they only order 1-2 boxes of bees.  Since Tim makes the trip for us anyway, he picks up and delivers for the others.  We have all our CSA bees here!  We will do all the work and others will get the benefits.  It has been a long winter and we have had problems getting bottles, etc.  We do have some excellent return customers now.  The bees need to get busy soon!  We need honey!  I have to admit, I am pretty spoiled always having honey available.

That is it for today folks.  It is raining hard enough today that I have to towel down Bert every time he goes out/in. Seeing lots of geese, swans and ducks already.  Our owl is back hunting the field too!  We have a group of deer (5-6) that have been grazing through in the early evening.  AND I awoke to the smell of skunk the other night about 2am!  YUK!  I hope he and Bert never meet and he stays out of the hives!  Word is there are lots of bears this year too.  Neighbor stopped over the other day and said he saw a Mom & 2 cubs near.  We have not seen bears on our property...YET...but they have been & are close.  Hopefully they will stay away from the hives too!

As Always...Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!



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