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Many Updates

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim has been busy with the little bees!  The Nectar Flow is on and we have very busy hives right now.  Plus, he is grafting, which means he is trying to make his own queens this year.  He tried last year, but fails are how you learn!  He has the right equipment now, and is having much better success this year.  Not 100%, but I believe by the end of the season we will have 3 times as many hives going into winter storage than we started with!  He built all the new hives himself, and has been diligent on keeping up with health checks.  Best year so far with the hives.  Very exciting!  

We are having some success with sales right now also.  Not so much online as we had hoped, but it is summer and some of the Farmer's Markets are open (with guidelines).  We have almost sold out of product in the last 2 weeks at the markets!  Also, very exciting!  A local convenience store ordered 7 cases of bug spray last week and the local bait shop wants displays put up for ALL our products.  He and his wife took the cold remedy all winter and for the first time in years did not get sick.  A friend of ours who has a local organic farm, goes to the Farmer's Markets and sells our product for us along with his.  He is a great salesman (his wife too) and it helps us out so much not having to go!  Yes he is much younger...the heat and all the moving of boxes, set up, tear down, hauling stuff home is just not fun for me anymore.  Tim did it last year, but did not have as much success!  Love our new friends up here!

Updates on the farm:  The one doe with the single fawn came through the field Friday night limping with no fawn.  I am guessing hit by car, but it made me so sad I actually cried.  She was moving, and Tim says he thought he saw the fawn Saturday morning.  I have not seen any deer in 2 days now.  Bert did growl at almost dawn this morning, so they might have been up eating, but I didn't get up. They did the first cut on our fields Saturday, so lots of yummys drying in the field.   We have a nice little rain this morning.  I hope the deer are hunkered down and doing ok somewhere.  Tim worked all day after church yesterday with the bees.  It was almost 90' out and with his bee suit on I was afraid of a heat stroke!  He took a couple of breaks for water, ice tea and lime pops.  He does much better with the heat than I do.  I did make it out to weed and water yesterday, and harvested  enough lettuce to make both Tim and I salads for dinner last night.  So Good!  I am so happy with the garden.  Everything is doing great!

I fell yesterday morning in the tub..did you feel the aftershocks?  My hip is very sore and my left leg keeps going numb.  No rest here!  Lots on my plate this week before the kids come on Friday for the 4th.  Trying to get cleaning done in the morning while it is still a bit cool.  In the upper 80's - 90 all week.  With no air it gets pretty warm around here!  I did sleep better last night...but it took 2 fans running to do it!  LOL!  Oh, the joys of life on a farm!  I am sharing the Bert picture again as it has hives shown in the background.  The apiary is really growing this year. PTL!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!




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