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Hummers & Ants & Dens...Oh My!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

We have bees in that equation too!  It has been an interesting weekend.  I have never had an ant problem, especially with my Hummingbird feeders.  But, I noticed the tree feeder wasn't being used much and it looked like something floating in it.  I went out and checked it and there was a ball (yes a ball) of ants in it!  They must have climbed in the feeder holes and balled up to stay alive!  YUK!  So, I brought the feeder in and cleaned it well, but started research on how to deal with my ant problem.  What I found out is that my feeder has an "ant trap" on the top that I didn't realize what it was!  WOO HOO!  I know ants hate Peppermint and it was listed as one of the things to use to keep them away.  So I took my Peppermint out with me and put some on the hook in the tree.  You should have seen the ants on the tree limb run away.  So I put Peppermint oil mixed with a little vegetable oil in the lid (to keep the Peppermint oil from evaporating) and I think it is working.  The hummers don't seem to mind and I will check it later today to make sure no ants.  I will probably carry my Peppermint oil with me!

Now to the den.  Tim found a good sized den in the side of the hill behind the garage.  I first thought Badger, but they like sandy soil better, so probably not.  No sign of Fox, so Tim thinks it might be a Groundhog.  He filled in the hole and placed a big rock in front of it.  There was nothing in it, so hopefully whatever was there has moved out.  Bert runs and checks it all the time now since Dad was so interested in it! 

Tim is moving boxes and extractor equipment over to our extraction building that we rent from a friend this time of year.  It is so easy to have everything in one building that has electricity and hot water!  He will start extraction next weekend and then I think Nick is coming up to help the next weekend.  We have several bee enthusiasts that have asked Tim to help with their extraction.  Not many extra boxes, but extraction equipment is a big expense if you only have a couple of hives.  Tim is always happy to help!

That is a short update from here today.  Hope you all have an amazing week!  Happy August!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy! 


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