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Home for the Winter

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

The "girls" finally got moved into their winter storage yesterday.  I was wondering if we were going to be able to get it done.  Tim's injury from last weekend has not healed well enough for him to move them physically.  He had a friend come over on Wednesday to help him move them in, but Tim was not able to help enough to get it done.  Tim was very upset.  While he was trying to think of an option B, a friend of ours called for another reason.  He has a logging business, and he offered Tim his small loader!  Tim picked it up yesterday morning and was able to get everything done by about 1pm!  He was a happy Timmy!  Tim filled up the loader before taking it back, and it was "no charge" for the equipment!  Oh...except honey!  He wants honey!  Since he probably saved the bees this winter, I am all about giving him honey!  Bartering is a way of life here and I love it!  

Our wonderful neighbor who brings us fish showed up again last night with another catch.  Fresh fish for dinner tonight!  He too brings us wonderful fish and we give them honey.  He also brings us homemade Maple Syrup!  Oh My!  This place is just the best!  

This is a picture of our loop building when we put it up new a few years ago.  This is where we winter the bees.  Keeps them out of the moisture and wind and Tim has a great system for keeping them dry, fed and ventilated.  I share this storage unit with the bees.  I have much still stored in here from the move.  I am starting to get a few things done in the house now, and I am actually hoping to get more of my things moved in and put away.  I have become a bit of a "minimalist" since moving.  Not that it is a bad thing!  Simple is better!  But, I am starting to miss my "things".  (especially pictures) When we moved to Hastings it took me about 4-5 years to get things unpacked.  Guess it is going to be the same here!  I will not be moving again...I don't have that kind of time left to motivate!  LOL!

Have a great weekend All!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane!


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