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Extraction Fun

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim finished up extraction on Friday.  You can see to the top right of the picture the extractor in the bed of the pickup.  Look at the empty, washed boxes!  Tim got out of the truck and by the time he got in the house the bees had found him!  There was quite a swarm here looking to steal back their honey.  This was about 2pm and they were out there, in force, until about 7pm before they figured out there was nothing to steal.  You could hear the "HUM" of the bees out the window.  Bert would not go outside.  We all just hung in the house.  Tim was up early Saturday morning while it was still cool and took everything down to the loop building for storage.  They were really quiet by then and no swarm of bees.  Been chilly at night now, low 50's, so they are pretty docile until it warms up.  It has been raining all night and chilly, haven't seen a Beatrice yet this morning!  We lost power here for about 1/2 hr, so I am trying to get in a post.  The rain is breaking up and sun should be out again in a few hours.  I was out in the garden yesterday and the growing season here is about done.  I got a handful of sugar snap peas and 4 cucs.  I have green tomatoes yet, and lots of spaghetti squash.  First frost the spaghetti squash will come in for the winter.  I can't wait!

 Lots went on this weekend.  It was cool so I was able to do some baking and roast veggies in the oven.  LOVE roasted veggies!  Sweet Potato Fries on Friday, Acorn Squash on Saturday, and fresh Green Beans on Sunday!  Since Tim wasn't busy with the bees right now, he got some of my "Honey Do's" done in the house.  Now that he isn't in his bee suit everyday, I have some mending to do on that for him!  With the power back on I am going to start "work" clothes washing.  It is hard to mend the bee clothes if not clean.  Since the power is back on and I have good light, maybe I will get that done today too...maybe!

Getting a little tired of cooking again.  I asked Tim for a suggestion for dinner and he wants pizza!  I haven't done my homemade pizza in awhile.  It actually sounds good.  I think pizza is on the menu tonight.  GF/DF (gluten free/dairy free) crusts, and I will do tomato sauce for Tim and a white sauce for me.  A little bit of work, but they are the best!  Going to thaw some shredded chicken and bacon for toppings with onions, garlic, black olives and GF/DF Mozzarella cheese. I am actually excited about this!

Sun is popping through now, just threw in some "bee" laundry and that is about it for the post today!  The last few weeks have been so busy with Tim out extracting and working outside.  I have been holding down the fort in the offices, setting up a new phone system, taking some marketing classes, and of course my postings and recipes!  Going to look up an old recipe today for my Coconut Cake.  One of the first GF/DF desserts I made.  Craving something easy and light with pizza tonight.  I really wanted Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies yesterday...but I fought the urge!  Today I am going to give into a good dessert.  Fresh, homemade and so yummy!

As always: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane! 


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