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Extraction Begins - Hummers Abound!

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

This is my new baby.  A large Strawberry hummingbird feeder.  Although I love the new feeder that was given to me...I LOVE the "Sarge" on top of the pole!  He used to come to the window feeder.  We call him Sarge, because he is short and stocky and moves for no one!  They can't run him off the feeder!  He just sits there until HE is done!  Now Sarge has taken over the Strawberry!  I mean TAKEN OVER!  He sits up there on the pole, and if another hummer comes along, he bombs him away, then he takes a drink, then he goes right back up to his lookout post!  ALL DAY!  Last evening 3 others ganged up on him and ran him off...for a few seconds!  They got a quick drink and then Sarge was back and run them off and went back to pole sitting.  He is so cute...and hilarious!  No one eats at his feeder!  LOL!  I have 2 other feeders, so no one is starving!

Tim started extraction of honey yesterday and is at it again today.  I think he only got 1 hive done yesterday, and the same today.  LOTS to do, but Nick is coming up next weekend to help.  Looking forward to seeing Nick again already.  His birthday is coming up this month, so I am going to cook his favorite meal (Beef Stroganoff) and do a surprise Birthday Cake!  I am posting today because we have a VERY busy week here, so I thought I had better post today while I can.  Today is the only day without something scheduled until next Monday!  I meant BUSY week!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!


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