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Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim has been extracting honey all week.  Today he is putting together our CSA packages for those who were participants for this year.  We will be gone to a wedding & Nick's birthday this weekend, then Tim will finish up extraction next week.  Although it was about 90 this day, he has a heater on the current hive he is extracting to get the honey to flow in our small extractor better.  You can see the extractor in the background with the tap for the honey to be drained into the bucket and closed up to transport to the kitchen for storage.  I almost can't get to my upright freezer already!  Lots of honey this year!  He still has another week of extraction so I am thinking honey buckets will end up stored in my dining room if I want to see my kitchen again.  Tim stayed well hydrated, but it was a long, HOT, week for him.  I haven't checked weather, but I am hoping that next week will be a little cooler.

Had a wonderful surprise yesterday!  A dear friend who has property near us came up for the weekend and stopped by with NY Strip Steaks & fresh ears of corn!  Tim fired up the grill and I saute'd some mushrooms and onions. What a wonderful meal and visit we had!  He even brought up homemade Snicker-doodle cookies his wife had made.  They are Tim's favorite!  I was just planning leftovers last night, so this was a wonderful dinner.  We are truly blessed!

Short & Sweet (think honey) this Friday.  Have a great weekend all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane! 


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