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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

I learn new things here everyday.  Today it is about CSA's with Minnesota Grown.  Most of these are family farms that offer shares to people.  The farms list how many shares they are able to sell, people buy and pay for the shares up front, and people share in the bounty!  This is a great idea!  Tim has talked to them, and we will be listed next year (getting a little late this year) as a CSA Farm.  Our bounty?  HONEY!

We did an experimental group this year for the CSA program.  We have 5 families who signed up for a share (a hive), paid for their share, and we will do everything for them here until extraction when they will get a share of the honey in several different ways.  We are still working on the numbers and ways this will work out.  Hence called the "experiment".  Bounty will be offered in honey, beeswax, flavored honeys, etc.  Everyone sharing the bounty is in MN so we will deliver or there will be free shipping.  Not sure how this might work for those out of MN.  Not even sure that is an option.  Tim is researching and by early next spring we will be ready for shares of our bounty!  Did I mention I LOVE this idea!

Tim has also been working with the County 4-H office. One of the local farm girls has asked to help with a hive next year for her project.  Tim is working with them to make this happen and also put on classes for  4-H clubs. Maybe even County and State Fair booths with live bees for demonstration.  Again, it won't be this year, but the future is looking beezy (busy)!  Tim does have 4 hobby beekeepers in the area that he is helping get started this year too.  One is a family Organic Farm and the others are retirees with a bee hobby.  They only have 1 hive each, but haven't had very good luck with the bees and production, so Tim is helping them out this year so that they can produce their own good honey.  He is so dedicated to the craft and wants everyone to succeed.  Don't get me started on what a good man I married!

The picture here is 3 of the 5 hives we have for the CSA program.  The first 2 were with our original bee purchase early spring.  These next 3 came in with our last order for the year of bees.  You can't see them, but I was as close as I was going to get to take this picture!  They were really out buzzing, loving the sun!

Enjoy your day!  Stay Safe, Stay Sane!


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