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Busy Busy Bees

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

A friend sent this to me.  I love it!  It may not be actual, but this is a good indicator of how busy those little bees are to make us honey.  Bees are actually territorial and stay within about 2-3 mile radius of their hive.  They must have a fresh water source also.  I think the 4.5 Million flowers might be pushing it.  They forage for pollen, not just flowers.  Flowers are the best, but not the only source.  Tim is so pleased with our hives!  We over-wintered 16 hives and 15 made it!  That is an amazing percentage.  We have had winters where we lost all the hives.  Tim is really getting this down to an art, and is very pleased with spring coming on.  It is going to be about 50' today and not a cloud in the sky!  Sunny and warm.  "The Girls" are loving it!  Tim is going to leave them in the loop building for about another month, but he is going to space them out today.  The hives are stacked in the winter to keep them grouped together and keep them warmer.  Now they are getting too busy to be grouped so closely, so he will space them out but keep them inside for protection.  He has been opening up the building so they can fly and enjoy the sun during the day, and closing it back up at night for protection.  Bees are up at dawn and headed to hive to be home by dark.  It is still pretty chilly at night, but even spread out they should be able to stay warm at each hive.  They still have winter stores on, but if it stays this nice, Tim may have to supplement them before they can forage.  We let them keep honey stores onboard for winter, but they may run out before the "flow" starts.  You never know...Mother Nature always has her own plan!  

Just wanted to let you know that the bees are happy and healthy.  I pray they stay that way, and the new bees we are purchasing for more hives are healthy and happy also!  Looks like our best year yet!  YUM!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!



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