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Birds & Bees in Accord

Posted by Tammy Chapman on

Tim finished extraction yesterday.  Today is clean up, and finishing shipping orders.  I have been bottling our CSA orders all week.  Lots of honey being shared!  I have to admit, we did get more honey than expected and it is so good!  I think it is the best flavor yet!  All natural, and I don't know what makes the difference, but this year is the best!  

The hummers and bees have come to an accord in "sharing" the feeders.  I have moved feeders, taken them down for days, changed the nectar formula...I have been fighting this for a week!  I noticed yesterday birds and bees were both at the feeders!  The bees group on the shady side of the feeders and the birds eat on the sunny side!  They have learned to share!  I am so happy!  I washed and FILLED all the feeders this morning.  They worked it out and now I can relax.  Too bad they can't teach the rest of the world how to be nice and share!  Nature Rocks!  If you look closely at picture you can see hummer eating and a "beard" of bees on the other side hanging from the feeder.

We did get a little rain last night, much needed.  Forecast looks like rain tomorrow.  That would be awesome!  I have baseball sized tomatoes...but they are still green.  I have only picked 4, but when they turn I will have lots of them.  I made fresh salsa last week, and will probably freeze the rest since I will pull them out and use them for Tim.  I did have some salsa though and did only get 1 blister in my mouth.  They are so fresh and good I had to take the chance.  Next time might be worse...but this time it was worth it!

Enjoy your week all!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Sane, Stay Happy!



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